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One thing I noticed over my time in the Financial Services Industry was how increasing market fluctuations often resulted in significant financial losses for my clients.

People nearing retirement who had built up a nest egg over their working lives suddenly saw their wealth diminish before their eyes.  Devastating! 

Statistics indicate that we may have 25-30 years in retirement stage and we therefore need sound and easy to understand strategies to make sure the future looks bright.

Thrive is designed with this in mind.

We offer customised investment packages with risk, income flow and growth in mind aimed at meeting your needs and giving you peace of mind.  

Having a plan in place is an integral step of the process to 'Thriving' in your retirement stage but we also understand the changing nature of life and will adapt as needed along the way.


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Hi, I’m Paul and for 35 years I have enjoyed a successful career in the banking and financial industry. Prior to this I was a sports coach and personal trainer.

One day it occurred to me how similar the coaching skills were, to the skills I was teaching my banking clients.  I imagined how powerful it would be to combine the two to help people create a better life for themselves.