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What is Shoebox?
Shoebox is a digital document management system designed to help clients keep track of all their important documents. It is safe and easy to use and offers clients the ability to access their documents from any device in any location with an internet connection.

Why Shoebox? 
During my years in banking I noticed my customers where finding it difficult to provide the necessary documentation required in order to apply for a loan. Many did not have a system for their document management and were always searching to find where they had stored them.  Quite often it was a shoebox locked away in the cupboard along with receipts, photographs and all sorts of things - this was how the program got its name "Shoebox". 

Members can access their Shoebox profile via the PCFC website by using their unique user name and password. Here they can upload and manage their important documents from one secure location and access them whenever they need to.

After a simple login process, documents/files are easily uploaded into the base folder structure which can also be customised to suit individual needs. Shoebox comes set-up with the following folders.

  • Financial Plan
  • Budget
  • Banking
  • Insurances
  • Superannuation
  • Legal
  • Accounting
  • Investments

Clients can add their own folders which could include things such as warranties, receipts, education, employment or perhaps travel documents.  Shoebox is safe, secure and easy to use offering clients the first step towards establishing financial control in their lives.

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Hi, I’m Paul and for 35 years I have enjoyed a successful career in the banking and financial industry. Prior to this I was a sports coach and personal trainer.

One day it occurred to me how similar the coaching skills were, to the skills I was teaching my banking clients.  I imagined how powerful it would be to combine the two to help people create a better life for themselves.