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Financial planning for everyone.

Our Mission

To create a holistic service, based on sound financial principals and management, aimed at assisting people achieve their financial goals throughout all stages of life

We want to ultimately empower people to achieve greater life fulfilment through a balanced, realistic and affordable approach to their money management. We will offer education on being proactive and show clients how to take charge of their finances - not just leave it to chance.

We will deliver ongoing coaching and education with the intent on being the ‘go to’ centre for any financial matters.

We understand the complexity of the economic matrix and stay up-to-date with regulatory changes and latest products and services.

We are passionate about making a positive difference in people’s lives and will continue to research and develop new programs and systems to assist.

The PCFC Group aims to provide a devoted support system to assist clients along the road to financial peace of mind.

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Hi, I’m Paul and for 35 years I have enjoyed a successful career in the banking and financial industry. Prior to this I was a sports coach and personal trainer.

One day it occurred to me how similar the coaching skills were, to the skills I was teaching my banking clients.  I imagined how powerful it would be to combine the two to help people create a better life for themselves.