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This program incorporates the same financial principals as YMA however is targeted towards those in the next stage of life (generally aged 30-60).  

This group incorporates singles and couples without dependants building wealth,  plus those starting a family. During this stage financial responsibilities often become more complex. The GFMA program is designed to ensure clients can fully understand where their money goes and how to protect it. 

We will assess your total financial position with a view to achieving good life balance in the process. We will show you strategies for debt reduction and free up your cash flow to ultimately payoff that home loan sooner leaving you in a strong position towards achieving financial independence.

As with YMA, budgeting is key here and a lot of discussion and analysis is required to ensure results. I will be treating 'You Pty Ltd' as a not just a business but a business designed to be profitable. See the Get Fit Money Australia package inclusions page for full package details.

Some hard decisions may need to be made but without a plan and a course of action the debt spiral can worsen over time.  For some people it may be a short term process to tweak their position while others a little longer. 

Everybody is different and we aim for success with everyone.


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Hi, I’m Paul and for 35 years I have enjoyed a successful career in the banking and financial industry. Prior to this I was a sports coach and personal trainer.

One day it occurred to me how similar the coaching skills were, to the skills I was teaching my banking clients.  I imagined how powerful it would be to combine the two to help people create a better life for themselves.